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Wulfsmith Dragonsbane

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Artwork by Kayla May Rich

(Artwork by Kayla May Rich)

She was born to be a legend.

By the time she had taken her first breath, she had already been marked by many to do the impossible during a time of war.

Born a Halfling (a person of mixed race), she was already hated among many of the races, including the Shaddwyn and the Humans, who were her own kin.

She struggled to overcome the prejudices that sought to destroy her, and she persevered, finding friends in the most unlikely of places, and even love from one whom she thought she could never have. She rose to heights never before achieved by her kind, and became the right hand of the Empress of Tanwystal.

But she was not without enemies.

Deceit, jealousy, and betrayal shattered the life she had made for herself, and now she has set out on a journey, with her Dryad companion, Calmegil, seeking the son that was stolen from them while trying to escape a past that could be their undoing.

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