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Fliers (Book 1) by Laura Mae

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

"As descendants of fairies, fliers were an old, forgotten species who appear human but could fly without wings. They lived peacefully amongst humans for several decades until a secret government agency developed new technology that allowed experimentation on fliers and discovered how to make ordinary people fly.

Not sitting back and accepting the news, Sydona Wilder and her fairy friend Raoul, set out to find the agency and put a stop to the capture of the rare species. But Sydona will have to fight her own battles of facing her dark past and learning how to trust people again."

First off, I want to say how excited I was to finally get my hands on this book. I had been following Laura Mae on social media for some time now, and every time that beautiful cover popped up on my timeline, I only wanted to read it more.

The book starts off well enough, characters are being introduced and things are progressing smoothly until the main character, Sydona Wilder, comes across a disturbing newspaper article.

After that, the story moves at an almost too fast pace. The character development is either lacking or contradictory to something stated previously, and some of the decisions made by the group make little to no sense.

Some of the dialogue was lacking and even cringe-worthy in some parts, especially during an argument between two characters who barely knew each other.

Having said all this, I can still say that I enjoyed the book. It got really intense towards the end, and I finished seven chapters in about an hour.

There are some scenes that can be triggering to some readers, but I felt the author handled them tastefully rather than going into unnecessary detail, which was not needed.

However, there are still questions I have that were unanswered, and some events remained unresolved, but considering this is only book one of a trilogy, there is a good chance those questions will be answered in the next two books and that a satisfying resolution will be reached.

Now, about the main character. Sydona watched as her parents were abducted when she was a child. Since then, she lived alone with fairies, only driving into town when she needs to. The way she behaves, thinks, and talks led me to believe she was in her early teens when, in fact, she is in her sixties.

Raoul, her fairy, is not much younger than her, but he also acts like a playful child. However, his playful fairy nature sets him apart from the rest of the group, making him an instant favorite.

As I stated earlier, the cover for the book is absolutely beautiful, but I want to make a special note of the symbol at the top. They say a symbol can really power your novel, and Laura Mae has created a good one, but what I really love is she uses the symbol throughout the novel when there is a break in the chapter, rather than just leaving it blank or using lines as most authors tend to do.

Even with the issues I mentioned before, I still feel the author has a good story, and I am looking forward to seeing where this adventure is going to lead.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Sparrows is the sequel to Fliers, and is already available for purchase. Vultures is book three, but is not available yet.

You can get updates from the author herself on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at LauraMaeAuthor or you can visit her website,!

Laura Mae

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